Are Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Facing A Boycott?

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His presidential campaign could have a negative impact on both of their busineses. (Photo by Marc … [+] Piasecki/WireImage)
The movement to boycott businesses owned or promoting Kayne West, his wife Kim Kardashian and various members of the Kardashian ever-extended family is growing, reflecting social protests against his presidential campaign.
While the movement is by no means widespread — and West’s campaign may amount to nothing more than political smoke and mirrors — it is gaining some traction, primarily on social media.
A Boycott the Kardashians page on Facebook has 47,000 followers though it should be noted the group was launched in 2011 and Kim Kardashian herself has 29 million likes on her official page. West’s Facebook page shows 16,000 members.
West announced he was running for president several weeks ago and more recently, there have been reports that Trump-allied figures have helped his campaign, see
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