Kim Kardashian Worries About Khloe: Does She Have COVID?!?

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians is about to return with new episodes.

The popular E! reality show is about to return with new episdoes, however, in a very different environment than the way it left off from many month ago.

Yes, sadly, we’re talking about the coronavirus.

In a trailer for upcoming installments, Kim and company tackle this global pandemic head-on, especially when concerns crop up that one of the main cast members may have come down with it.

“Everybody in the world is talking about coronavirus,” Scott Disick says in the footage, which then cuts to Khloe Kardashian getting a COVID-19 test and Kim Kardashian chatting with a family member via FaceTime.

“I’m super worried that Khloé is so sick,” she says.

From there, the
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