Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Come to BLOWS in Shocking New KUWTK Promo!

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians already aired a teaser for the new season in which Khloe receives some awkward news about Tristan.

That, it turns out, was nothing. Not when you comare it to Kim and Kourtney coming to blows — literally — as their sisterly spat turns violent.

“Why do you have to have an attitude?” Khloe asks — presumably speaking to Kourtney.

Her tone conveys exhasperation, frustration, and a degree of emotional exhaustion. She’s so tired of this.

While texting, Kourt retorts to Khloe: “Don’t involve yourself in business that is not yours.”

Kourtney sounds distracted by her phone during the exchange.

Meanwhile, Kim looks like she wants to butt in and is only holding back by the skin of her teeth.

Kourtney’s suggestion that Khloe butt out of
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