You can now get a Botox treatment plan with help from AI

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Using Botox to enhance your cheekbones or alter your appearance is all the rage, thanks to the Kardashians and Hadids of the world. One doctor is trying to bring Botox back to its wrinkle-fighting basics — with the help of artificial intelligence.
Peachy is a new studio in New York City, opening Wednesday, that uses A.I. to chart a Botox-based treatment plan for wrinkle prevention. 
Based on the unique muscle stress that smiling, frowning, concentrating, or expressing any emotion puts on your face, Peachy says its algorithm suggests the best places, amounts, and time frames for injecting Botox to keep temporary lines from becoming intractable wrinkles later in life. The manual tweaks physicians make to treatment plans as well as patient progress will work to improve the algorithm over time.
You might think of Botox as the face-freezing injection that middle-aged patients get to smooth wrinkles. Or perhaps you’ve seen how celebrities and influencers are using Botox and other injectables to strategically plump up cheeks or elevate brow lines. But Botox also has a preventative application. 
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Studies show that injecting botox strategically in your 20s and 30s, before wrinkles set in with middle age, can prevent wrinkles f
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